Do all divorces filed automatically become public record?

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Do all divorces filed automatically become public record?

Do all divorces filed automatically become public record?

While every action that is filed with a court of law is public information and most every divorce record that is filed is public information, there may be occasions for a case to be sealed if, and only if, it can be proven that there will be serious harm done to minors involved, and only then it may only be a portion of the record sealed.

Most often, even if the divorce has ended in a settlement agreement, the court will most likely require that the details be carefully detailed in a document by that name and filed as a matter of record in the divorce case.

In most states and most counties, public records, including divorce records, can even be found via Internet, but oftentimes the sensitive details will be contained only in the hard records found in the court file, which is housed in the clerk's office at the county courthouse.

Should there be issues that you do not want to become of public record, it is encouraged that you seek divorce advice from a reputable family attorney or divorce lawyer who can address all your questions and concerns.



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