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Where can I find court cases and do legal research on my own?

Where can I find court cases and do legal research on my own?

Because of the world of Internet technology, it is easier and faster than ever to obtain information with regard to just about any topic you desire. Legal libraries exist on university campuses and are generally open for public use with certain parameters.

However, because of the ease and convenience of Internet information, one can easily access information in an online or virtual legal library. Because Internet users can be virtually anywhere in the world, it is important to remember that information gathered be pertinent to where you live.

Some topics you can access in an online legal library would be multi-national laws, those pertaining to at least two different countries as well as laws and court decision in various countries pertinent to that particular country. Some court cases are sensitive in nature and thus the accessible online information may not fully disclose all details of a particular case.

However, with the use of the information superhighway, it is easier than ever for the average person to become nearly fully versed in laws at home and abroad.

What is the Legal Information Institute?

What is the Legal Information Institute?

The Legal Information Institute, associated with Cornell University Law School, is known throughout the international community as the leader when it comes to public legal information.

The LLI can provide options written by the United States Supreme Court decisions, over a decade of opinions with regard to the New York Court of Appeals and the full US Code. The LLI also publishes important secondary sources, legal ethics and social security as well as a variety of other guides for nearly 100 different areas of law.

The Legal Information Institute is a non-profit activity of the Cornell Law School and supported by grants and gifts as well as work donated by professionals. The Mission of the Legal Information Institute is to provide and distribute research and legal information using digital information technology and to continue to seek improved ways to use this technology as well as conducting and offering consulting, contract work and workshops.

It seems like there are a lot of sources for law information on the Internet. How do I know which one to trust?

It seems like there are a lot of sources for law information on the Internet. How do I know which one to trust?

Most Internet sites offering legal information are trustworthy from the standpoint that most will offer you general legal advice and assistance. Most also make the disclaimer that should the issue needing resolution go beyond what is displayed on their site, it is best to contact a qualified and reputable attorney specializing in the field you need.

Not all situations are alike and neither is the law in all states. There are many legal libraries on university campuses across the nation that can assist with legal research on topics as well. It is always a good rule to “check out” your source of information by doing a little research on the source as well.

Know whom it is that you're receiving advice from. Local bar associations are a great tool in finding a trusted and competent attorney from which to seek legal information as well. As with anything, know whom you're seeking advice from and make sure that the advice given applies completely with your situation before following it. In the long run, you'll be glad that you did.

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