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How do I find a good family law attorney?

How do I find a good family law attorney?

The local bar association in your area can provide names of lawyers who practice and specialize in the area of family law.

Family law lawyers may also be found with ease by visiting website companies that specialize in partnering attorneys with clients. Most provide free, fast and confidential service to aid seekers in matching their needs with expertise in the legal field.

Once your request is made to this type of company, you will be provided with names of attorneys in your area, specializing in family law. Your family is important, you need to be sure it is well-protected in every area.

My fiancé and I are planning to get married. What are the real legal obligations a marriage encompasses according to family law?

My fiancÚ and I are planning to get married. What are the real legal obligations a marriage encompasses according to family law?

Generally, whether a common law marriage exists or a traditional, ceremonial marriage has been performed, there are several obligations that arise out of marriage.

Those rights, under most state family laws provide:

* Each spouse to provide mutual respect and fidelity to each other;
* Spousal support, whether in the form of food, shelter, clothing and meeting basic needs
* Commonality of marital property, i.e. property acquired during the marriage belongs fairly and equally to both parties
* Joint responsibility for debts incurred during the marriage
* The enjoyment of a confidential relationship, meaning that each spouse is assured that there is good faith within the marriage relationship as to fairness and equality.

Is it a good idea to hire an attorney when adopting internationally?

When adopting internationally, definitely hire a lawyer.

Adoptions can be a long, drawn out process…and that process increases ten fold when adopting a child from overseas. It is crucial that you hire a lawyer to assist you with all the paperwork and legal barriers that must be overcome in order to ensure a painless transition, both for you and for the child.

What areas does family law encompass?

What areas does family law encompass?

Family law can encompass not only divorce and child custody issues, but adoption, juvenile, probate and elder law as well. Family law also involves paternity cases, domestic violence cases and even parental abduction cases.

Essentially, family law covers everything related to family issues, whether beginning a household or dividing a household. Family law can vary from state to state. For complete rights and requirements in your state, it would be advisable to contact a family lawyer, familiar with the laws in your state.

What should I know about a prenuptial agreement?

When reviewing a prenuptial agreement, both parties should have their own independent counsel.

Though they are designed to safeguard your assets, prenuptial agreements can often lead to unwanted arguments and disputes. For an agreement that is fair to both parties, a separate attorney representing each party is the best way to go.

Does international custody fall under family law?

Does international custody fall under family law?

The laws which make up custody jurisdiction fall into:

* The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
* The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
* The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act
* The Hague Convention of the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Essentially, this type of family law makes sure that you cannot move your child to another state or country simply in order to get a more favorable custody order in alternate state's court or to evade an existing custody order by feeling to another jurisdiction.

Custody orders must come from the state in which the child or children have been residing within the most recent six months. If you desire a change in custody, you must return to the original court of jurisdiction and petition that court for a change. It is only in this court that a lawful order to change or modify custody can take place.

What rights does a surrogate mother have?

When using a surrogate mother, consult with a lawyer.

Because laws may vary state to state it is best to check with an attorney regarding the rights a surrogate mother may have concerning the child she gives birth to. In order to protect the rights of the adoptive parents as well as the child, a consultation with an attorney might be the best step to take.

Should I consult with a lawyer when adopting

When adopting, think about hiring a lawyer.

The adoption process unites individuals. This is a joyous time for most parties involved and so it should also be a hassle-free process. An attorney can help make the adoption process as smooth as possible. Often, minor details are overlooked, causing the adoption process to be halted for weeks at a time. The advice of an attorney can not only help speed up the process, but also safeguard the joining family from future problems.


Finding the Right Family Lawyer

Every year, many families across the country deal with the reality of divorce and its devastating consequences. The breakup of a family represents a major life stressor and few are adequately prepared to deal with the complex emotional, financial and legal ramifications of this process. When you find a lawyer to advocate for you will guarantee the easiest transition for your family during this difficult process.

Family law firms offer a number of services that can guide you through the divorce process. Your attorney will help you to decide whether you case is contested or uncontested and recommend the best course of action. In your initial consultation, your family lawyer will discuss issues such as division of property, alimony and spousal support He will also discuss issue of child custody, if necessary. It is important to disclose any information that you feel is pertinent to your case to your family lawyer.

In some cases, going to court to solve your divorce issue is not necessary. Many family lawyers refer their clients to mediation to resolve their issues. This can save you time, money and an emotionally draining court battle. If you and your former spouse cannot agree on your divorce issues, your family attorney will be prepared to fight for you in court to ensure the best remedy possible.

Family law firms provide their clients with the most aggressive representation possible to ensure the best outcome for their family law cases. If you are contemplating a contested divorce, it is important to find the right family law attorney to effectively represent you and protect your interests in court.

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