Is there more than one type of divorce?

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Is there more than one type of divorce?

Is there more than one type of divorce?

There are actually two types of divorce, absolute and limited.

* An absolute divorce is just what it says, an absolute termination of marriage rights and obligations by a court of law.

* A limited divorce, which is not offered in all states, is a termination of the right for the parties to live together, but keeps in tact, the obligations and the other rights of the marriage.

Many states have adopted and may grant what is termed a “no-fault” divorce, which is a type of absolute divorce. Under the “no-fault” statute, a divorce may be granted without the party seeking the divorce having to prove any allegations of fault.

Some argue that because the divorce laws have loosened in this area, especially by the granting of no-fault divorces, that the divorce rate has risen. In attempt to restore the tradition of life-long marriage to the American culture, some states are now granting covenant marriages, which entail pre-marital counseling and other various additions to the traditional “I do.”



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