How can I easily find an attorney to help me?

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How can I easily find an attorney to help me?

How can I easily find an attorney to help me?

Life is usually a matter of networking. You have professional friends who have professional friends and so on and so forth. Finding the right professional can be as easy as asking around within your circle of acquaintances.

Attorneys are the same way: those in your area know each other and can usually recommend those whom they know to be experts in their area of practice. However, if you have no place to start when it comes to finding an attorney, consult a listing of attorneys in your area.

One hint might be to look for a smaller firm to work with. Often they are more willing to take a risk and accept your case. Etiquette would dictate that you call the attorney and tell them that you have heard or read good things about his or her practice.

Ask this attorney for at least three referrals of the best attorneys in your area who have the expertise that you're looking for. You could then call those three, asking the same question, names of at least three attorneys in your area that they feel to be experts in whichever particular field you're in need of assistance with. Keep calling until you hear the names of several of these local attorneys over and over. Chances are good that you'll come up with the best of the best in your area.



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