What is immigration law?

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What is immigration law?

What is immigration law?

Because this is ever changing, immigration law can be somewhat complex, especially with recent events of 9-11.

Essentially, immigration law helps people with the process of becoming citizens of the US as well as regulates those who do not necessarily want to become citizens, but might be here in the United States visiting as a tourist, temporarily assigned to the United States for work purposes, for academic or educational purposes or again, those wishing to enjoy the benefit of becoming a United States citizen.

These laws would also regulate the adoption of children from other counties by US citizens. Because these laws change frequently and can be complex, if you are thinking of coming to the United States for more than just a vacation, it is very wise to contact an immigration attorney to help advise with this process.

There are firms that specialize in immigration law and can assist with whatever your objective is. To find a reputable immigration lawyer, contact the local bar association in the area to which you are visiting or moving or make contact with a legal matching service, which can be found via Internet.



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