What To Do First When Personal Injury Occurs

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What To Do First When Personal Injury Occurs

Personal Injury accidents can include a wide range of occurrences, but regardless of the situation, there are two things to remember to do first when personal injury occurs.

1. Contact a reputable, experienced Personal Injury Lawyer or Law Firm
2. Write down a brief description of the accident, including all details while they are fresh in your memory.

Obviously, if you have been seriously injured, your first call will be for medical assistance. As soon as possible thereafter, take care to follow the above tips. Contacting your attorney is essential to assure that your case will be properly reviewed and appropriate actions taken.

Most personal injury attorneys will offer you the first meeting at no charge. Subsequent fees, if the law firm or lawyer takes on your case, will be paid on contingency. You do not pay legal fees, other than some small out-of-pocket office costs, until your settlement or court award has been received. Lawyers will take on a personal injury case because they believe it can be won, and they understand that most clients would have a hard time paying high fees until a case is settled.

It is important to write down all the accident details as soon as possible, so no facts are forgotten or omitted. This document will be important!



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